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Wade expected to miss 2-3 weeks with right hamstring injury

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Though playing consistently and without major injury for months, Dwyane Wade is expected to miss 2-3 weeks with a right hamstring strain.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If I was to sum up this year's Heat season with one word, I would be inclined to say "broken".

Injuries have ravaged this team and as a result graced it with a record undeserving of the talent that is on the roster. It's almost as if just as soon as something seems to go right, and Miami's motor is running it breaks down. From Josh McRoberts, to Chris Bosh, and even Luol Deng things are just not working, and Dwyane Wade --the only consistent player over the last three months -- has once again fallen victim to an injury to his posterior chain (his right hamstring). Of course there is a silver lining that's apparent here, and that is that it's not his knee. Regardless, Wade's expected absence is still a huge blow to this team especially given Wade's chemistry with surging center, Hassan Whiteside. When Wade and Whiteside are playing simultaneously the big man averages 8.6 points per game vs the 7.0 points he averages solo per Stat Muse. Just like with Shaq, Wade has a keen eye in threading the needle to help big men score easy buckets. It'll be interesting to see if Whiteside can continue to thrive without him.

Wade will of course be back and likely just as strong as his previous returns this year, however given his consistency this season it's going to be a huge issue for Miami. It will be up to Bosh, and Deng to carry the scoring load in his absence, and once again leaves us to question why the Heat don't have a veteran backup guard to help in a situation like this, especially since Wade has hardly been healthy over the last three years. That being said, Miami will have the chance to mend this glaring problem while Wade misses time and Heat faithful can only hope that Miami finds some sort of groove while Wade styles designer suits on the bench.