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Dwyane Wade talks about the Heat 2016 plan

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Dwyane Wade is either playing dumb, or isn't on board with waiting for 2016 to turn the Heat around. At nearly 33, who can blame him?

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Going into the season, everyone here in #HeatNation knew (or thought we knew) the plan that Pat Riley was doing for the future. With the departure of LeBron James, we all had a moment of fear that we would end up a lottery team. But quickly Pat kept Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade and eventually landed Luol Deng. Although the Heat are still fighting for a playoff spot, the team has talent.

And the way Riley put it together made it very clear: 2016 was the goal. With only Josh McRoberts, Chris Bosh and Shabazz Napier under contract through 2016, the Heat passed up on extending Norris Cole, resigning Wade long term, and offering anything significant to anyone else. There's a lot of flexibility moving forward.

So naturally, we all believe in Pat Riley to bring in Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant or any other big name that may or may not be out there. Who knows? Maybe he could even convince LeBron to come back!

So, although the year has been tough so far, we have been patient. We know there is something bigger coming in the future, and that Riley will deliver like always.

Until Dwyane Wade talked about the plan, or what we thought we all had an understanding of the plan.

"I'm not really focused on waiting until 2016. I don't know what that means. That's their organization. They do what they want from that standpoint. I'm not involved in that. I'm a player. Whatever decision they make from a 2016 standpoint is on them. The only thing I can control is the decisions I make and what I do."

And that's fine. We don't expect Dwyane, as a player, to be caught up in the futuristic talk like we do. He should be focused on right now and not concerned about the organization. We applaud Wade for that mindset.

But then he kept talking...

"Whoever is here, whatever we decide to do, you just want to be competitive. That's all I ask for myself and for our guys. Nobody knows what's going to happen in 2016; 2016, to me, is so far away and I hope people aren't waiting on it thinking we're going to land this quote, unquote Big Fish because it might not happen for you. No one knows if Riley is going to wait until 2016. It's all speculation."

Um...what? Yes, yes we will land the BIG FISH! We have to, don't we?

Now, Wade has us Riley really not concerned about 2016 like we are? Is Riley working another angle? Is he going to make some type of trade? Is he going to blow everything up? What's he going to do?


That's what we are left with after the face of the franchise spoke so openly about the idea that A) Pat might not deliver in 2016 or B) Pat might not be waiting until 2016. Those are two very different approaches. And I for one, would like to know what the about you?

We aren't going to get an answer.

And you shouldn't expect one either, until it happens. All the signs still point to a 2016 plan, but if Wade gives this little hint about "waiting" you can choose to read into as much or as little as you wish. Because in the's all speculation.

Everything is until the deal is done.