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Heat release Andre Dawkins

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The Miami Heat are making a roster move to create some flexibility moving forward, releasing seldom used guard Andre Dawkins.

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

He was seldom used by the Miami Heat, and now Andre Dawkins is going to be released before his contract becomes fully guaranteed.

The Heat had a Wednesday deadline to make decisions on several players before their contracts become fully guaranteed for the rest of the season. Dawkins, apparently didn't make the cut, according to

Dawkins, a rookie out of Duke University, spent plenty of time in the D-League with the Sioux Falls Skyforce, but when he was with the Heat, he didn't play much and didn't provide any type of spark to keep him around. Dawkins was impressive in the D-League, but the Heat are moving on.

Earlier this year, the Heat cut Shannon Brown. And now, Miami has cut two shooting guards, their weakest position behind Dwyane Wade, who has no real backup. The Heat will now have an open roster spot and still have the $2.65 DPE to use on a player of their choice.

Dawkins appeared in 4 games for the Heat this season. He averaged less than a point, rebound and assist per game and had a -5.09 PER.

What would you like to see the Heat do with the open roster spot?

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