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Wednesday Links: PG situation, Deng's solid play, Rick Ross gets Heat tattoo on head

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Today's Heat links take a look at Miami's poor point guard situation, how Luol Deng is helping the Heat and a look at Rick Ross' new Heat tattoo that is actually on his head.

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Heat Links

  • Barry Jackson analyzes Miami's point guard situation [Miami Herald]
  • Rapper Rick Ross got the Miami Heat logo tattooed on his head. This is not a joke. [Bleacher Report]

It's your neighborhood drug dealer @richforever

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  • Tom Sunnergreen takes a look at Luol Deng's stellar play [Bleacher Report]

What's going on around the league?

  • Jeremy Lin and Nick Young form the Lakers' "Odd-Couple" [ESPN]
  • Detroit Bad Boys take a look at how Stan Van Gundy built the f-cking wall [SB Nation]
  • Tom Ziller believes Seattle deserves a new basketball hero and it's not Chris Hansen [SB Nation]