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Chris Bosh is excited for the return of Josh McRoberts

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Josh McRoberts missed most of last season, and now that he is back, he's finding favor with his teammates quickly.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The trade rumors were flying around Josh McRoberts last season and even this offseason. What did he have left? Is he worth that money Miami gave him? Do they even need him?

Well, now he's back on the court, and Heat players are quickly realizing why Miami saw him as a prized free agent last year. Josh was slotted to become the starting power forward with Chris Bosh in the front court with him last year. Injuries stalled that, and then the emergence of Hassan Whiteside in the middle has moved Josh back to the bench.

But he's OK with that. In fact, he provides something that the Heat desperately need within the second unit. That's why Chris Bosh had this to say about him.

"Josh is such an unselfish guy. He's like a big point guard." -- Chris Bosh

That's when the Miami Heat dropped this nice little video on us to remind us all just how versatile McRoberts is when it comes to passing the ball.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Now, no one is really talking about trading Josh, but rather how he can help this team be a lot better than they were last year. We've talked about it before. Josh provides passing, shooting, scoring and a lot of assists for a forward. He knows how to move the ball and can even handle it when he's needed.

McRoberts will help man a second unit consisting primarily of Stoudemire, Chalmers, Green and Winslow. His experience and leadership will be pivotal in helping the Heat become real contenders.

That's why Chris Bosh is excited! He's the recipient of beautiful passes not only from Goran Dragic, but also from Josh McRoberts. And when Bosh and McRoberts are on the floor together, they can be lethal with how they spread the floor even with their size.