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Dwyane Wade celebrates making the cover of Ocean Drive magazine

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Wade once again graces the cover of Ocean Drive magazine for their October Men's Issue.

For the second time in his NBA career, Dwyane Wade is gracing the cover of local magazine Ocean Drive.

In the October Men's Issue, Wade talks about this rather unusual fashion choices. Wade is known for his off-the-beaten path wardrobe selections, but he states that his reason in doing so is not for the attention but rather as a statement for individuality.

"It's okay to be who you are in today's society," Dwyane tells Ocean Drive magazine. "I tell my kids that we are in a different time, so anyone who is still back in the early 2000s, y'all need to catch up. I'm all about freedom of expression and doing what you are comfortable with. I just try to do what I'm comfortable with and if it's pushing boundaries, if it's pushing through a door, then I'm all for it."

Wade stepped out with wife Gabrielle Union on Friday night to celebrate the launch of this month's magazine.

Whether you approve of Wade's wardrobe choices or not, it's apparent he is an influential icon when it comes to the fashion world.

Be yourself... it's enough...

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