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Henry Walker signs with semi-pro league

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The former Heat player has signed with a new semi-pro league designed to provide an alternative to the "one-and-done" college option.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball Insiders' Alex Kennedy tweeted today that former Miami Heat forward Henry Walker has signed with a new semi-pro basketball league called AmeriLeague.

Businessman Cerruti Brown created AmeriLeague -- a six-team, semi-pro league -- to provide an alternative for the "one-and-done" college route many current NBA stars have taken since the NBA raised its age limit to 19. Whether many future high school prospects opt to spend their one year after high school with AmeriLeague  remains an open question. But it could present an opportunity for fringe NBA talents to play the game they love without having to travel abroad to do so if they can't find an NBA roster spot.

Walker had some good moments with the Heat -- including two clutch 3-pointers in an improbable Heat comeback win over the Orlando Magic. But he initially signed just a 10-day contract with the Heat in February 2015, after Chris Bosh was diagnosed with a blood clot in his lung. With Bosh and Josh McRoberts back and rookie Justise Winslow now in the fold, his chances of making the roster dropped.

Here's to wishing him well with AmeriLeague.