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Justise Winslow and Dwyane Wade grace the cover of Sports Illustrated

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The mentor and the student are one of four combinations that are the cover of the NBA Preview for Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated

Dwyane Wade has done this before, but Justise Winslow is making a splash onto the scene. Both Wade and Winslow are one of four combinations to make the cover of Sports Illustrated's NBA Preview edition.

You can view all of the covers from Sports Illustrated right HERE

The theme is 'Prepare to get Schooled.' Kobe Bryant is with D'Angelo Russell, Kevin Garnett is with Karl-Anthony Towns, and Tim Duncan is with LaMarcus Aldridge -- although their cover got a different title.

Winslow is the highest Miami Heat draft pick since the 2008 selection of Michael Beasley. That didn't work out like it planned. But Winslow is coming in and expected the learn directly from Dwyane Wade, which could pay huge dividends. We believe Winslow has all the tools to be a star in this league, and giving him the time to develop them is key.

But for now, go grab yourself a copy of what could very well be the cover that has the biggest star in Miami Heat history and the next star of the Miami Heat. This could be something special in years to come.

The issue contains previews and predictions for all teams this season.