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Miami Heat unveil new jerseys for 2015-16 season

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Home Strong, Legacy, and a new throwback will be added to the collection for this season.

Every year, the Miami Heat change up their jersey collection just a bit. They will always have the traditional home white and road black. But this season, they are unveiling some new jerseys to the collection.

Here's an idea of what they are adding...





Every jersey has a significance to them. The Home Strong collection is meant to continue the honor the Heat display to soldiers coming home. Every home game, the Heat acknowledge someone from the armed forces and their family as they return home. Now, this jersey will show the ultimate sign of appreciation. This jersey will be worn at least three times starting in November.

The Legacy jersey is pretty cool. It will be worn most of December and into January. The colors are meant to signify the playoff campaigns. It is meant to pay homage to the fans as the city is across the chest and the number over the heart.

The Throwback goes back to the 90's of our favorite teams with Alonzo and Timmy. I shouldn't have to give you a history lesson there. These jerseys will be worn in February. And the El Heat collection will make it's way back, this time in red. This jerseys is for Latino appreciation.

If you want to read more about the jerseys and see more pictures of them, you can do that by visiting

Let us know what jerseys you like!