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HHH Welcomes you to play NBA FanDuel!

SB Nation is again partnering with FanDuel for the 2015-16 NBA season. Here's all the details about what it is and how to play.

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.

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Hey, if you haven't noticed...the NBA is back! That means every night, you've got games to enjoy. And that means, every night, you could be cashing in on your knowledge of the NBA while playing FanDuel!


Don't know what FanDuel is? You must have been living under a rock! FanDuel is one of the premier ways to play fantasy sports. Different than a typical fantasy set-up, every night you get to choose a new and different lineup. It's easy, and there are so many different ways to play.

Here's an Intro Video:

So, you get to select your roster with positions, with a standard set-up of fantasy money. You can choose to play in free practice leagues, or you can select a number of different ways to cash-in. You can play in 50-50 leagues, where you just need to be smarter than half of the people playing. You can play in all kinds of different leagues that help you cash in way more than it cost you to play.

Play for as little as $1 per contest. And if it is your first time playing, FanDuel is going to give you some free money when you sign-up and make a deposit.

Looking for a Beginner's Guide to help you get started?

  • We've got that too, right HERE

Just so you know...FanDuel is legally prohibited for residents of the following states to play for money: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington. That won't apply to most of you, but it may to some of you. Make sure you are aware of where you live, OK?

Over the course of the season, I am going to be giving you weekly takes on Fantasy Basketball pertaining to FanDuel. I'll even offer up some links to free games just for us here at HHH. I'll let you know of the special tournaments that SB Nation will host, as well as some insider information about other places to play and even win prizes other than money. What I am saying is...I'll be here for you.

If you haven't tried FanDuel, now is the chance. If you are hesitant because it costs money, play for free and see if you like it.

So are you ready to play?

Sign-Up here with our special link to get your deposit match!

And next week, check back here for some insight on how to have a great lineup!

Side Note: Even though this post is affiliated with FanDuel, moving forward, all the fantasy basketball advice is solely my opinion and not those of FanDuel or SB Nation. Additionally, FanDuel has given me some cash to play their daily fantasy games.