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Tyler Johnson with the nasty crossover move, finish at the rim vs Lakers

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Johnson continues to showcase his skills with each passing game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Johnson has been on a tear lately and has proven to be a valuable member of the Miami Heat's bench, so much so that his emergence ultimately made Mario Chalmers expendable.

On Tuesday, Johnson pulled off this crowd pleasing cross-over dribble in the fourth quarter (that would make Tim Hardaway proud) to freeze Los Angeles Lakers rookie Marcelo Huertas. Then he tops it off by hanging in the air and finishing at the rim despite getting fouled by Brandon Bass for the three-point play.

The look on Huertas' face is priceless as his ankles appear to snap, but really it's the culmination of another game where Johnson is showing his all-around skills as a ball handler, playmaker, disruptive defender and offensive threat.

Defenses must respect his outside shooting but also his driving and finishing abilities. Like on this play.