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Farewell Rio: Mario Chalmers' Top 3 Miami Heat moments

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Relive the highlights of the seven year Miami Heat run of Mario Chalmers

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

On November 10th, 2015, an era ended in the 305.

That's right, sad Heat fans, the Mario Chalmers era has concluded. That means we'll have to turn to another player for our regular dosage of three point attempts, spotty defense, and silly fouls. Thankfully, Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson can potentially fill that void on the floor, but no one can fill the Chalmers-sized void in our hearts.

In seven years with the Heat, "Rio" was the starter on two championship teams, averaged 36% from three, and managed to get yelled at by every veteran that came through Miami. He was the "good enough" starting point guard during the LeBron James era (ousting the likes of Carlos Arroyo, Eddie House, and Mike Bibby) that the team ultimately needed to win those two titles.

Let's ignore the fact that the next two picks after Chalmers went No. 34 in the second round of the 2008 NBA Draft were DeAndre Jordan and Omer Asik for the sake of this piece.

All jokes aside, his run in Miami should be celebrated. Here are his top three moments in a Heat uniform:

3.) P.O.T.U.S has your back!

After winning their second championship, the Heat made the journey to the White House to be congratulated by the leader of the free world. During his speech, President Barack Obama made a point to call out the veterans on the team for picking on poor "Rio"...

2.) Gunning for a record.

A pretty typical West-Coast trip turned into a career highlight for Chalmers against the Sacramento Kings. It's hard for an aging Dwyane Wade and a playoff-focused, LeBron James, to get motivated to play struggling, lottery teams. Apparently, some things never change for the Sacramento Kings.

It's these sorts of games where championship-caliber teams need their role players to step up and Chalmers answered the call. He scored a career-high 34 points and tied the franchise record for most three pointers in a single game, shooting 76% from beyond the arc to do so.

1.) When the lights are on bright...

Scoring 34 points against a bad team during the regular season is one thing. Still incredibly impressive for any role player in the NBA, but having a big night in the playoffs or the NBA Finals is another story. In the LeBron-era Heat's second trip to the Finals, they faced the Oklahoma City Thunder. In Game 4, Miami was up 2-1, but a Thunder win could've turned the series, tying it 2-2. In said game, Chalmers scored 25 points on 60% shooting and was a key player in bringing the Heat within one game of winning an NBA championship.

Thanks for your time with the Heat, Mario. Good luck in your future with Memphis.