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Dwyane Wade misses game against Jazz with son in hospital

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Dwyane Wade wasn't around the Heat on Thursday to attend to his son who went to the hospital.

It was listed as personal reasons as Dwyane Wade missed shootaround early on Thursday in preparation for the game against the Utah Jazz. But now, it's been confirmed that Wade missed the game against the Jazz to attend to his son who was hospitalized.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything else. We don't know which son, and we don't know what the issue is that put him in the hospital. The only thing we do know is that he is going to be OK.

Wade was obviously excused by the team to attend to the family matter. This is Wade's first missed game this season. The Heat started rookie Josh Richardson in his place, Richardson's first career start.

We will keep you updated here with any new information that becomes available.