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Erik Spoelstra plans to work Gerald Green back into the rotation

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Gerald Green has missed the past few games for the Miami Heat, and Spoelstra plans to work him back into the rotation Tuesday.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald Green returned to practice on Friday with his Miami Heat teammates after missing about a week due to personal reasons.

Green, as documented, had a heated exchange outside his condo that led to him being hospitalized and a police report. The Miami Heat then suspended Green for two games for conduct detrimental to the team.

Now, Green is back, but Erik Spoelstra plans to work him back into the rotation. Green hasn't played since the Miami Heat traded away Mario Chalmers. Since then, we've seen even more that Tyler Johnson deserves a steady rotation spot.

The rotation seems to have Tyler Johnson now backing up Goran Dragic, and Green backing up Dwyane Wade. The Heat have been playing Justise Winslow around 30 minutes as well. Green was a great spark plug off the bench with his scoring. But it seems that he will have to earn his playing time again.

I expect Green to play on Tuesday, but I think it will be close to 20 minutes or less to start as he works his way back.