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Tyler Johnson is no longer a secret

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The secret is out...Tyler Johnson can play.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The secret is out.

It all started last year against the San Antonio Spurs when Tyler Johnson dropped 17 points. Then another flash later in the season against the Boston Celtics, where he had 13 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Two games that served as sparks to what Johnson could be. Seeing who he is now, you cant ignore his journey that got him here. After four years at Fresno State, Johnson went undrafted and signed with Miami in 2014 on a Summer League contract.

He played well enough to earn a camp invite, but then got waived before the season began. He then plays in the D-League till the Heat get so injured (no Dwyane Wade) to the point he got called up to play. Lucky? sure, but this kid has made sure that he will never be put back into the D-League again. The reason why he's here is because he was open to being developed into a point guard for the Heat. In my opinion, Goran Dragic made Mario Chalmers expendable but it was Johnson that made him Rio easily replaceable.

Now, Miami has Johnson as their backup point and he offers the most energetic eight points per game. So far, Johnson has been fun to watch. Already in this young season he's had a monster dunk against the Wizards, 17 points against the Jazz, and this wonderful crossover against the Lakers that was so great to watch, it made Marcelo Huerta #1 on 'Shaqtin a Fool'

The main difference between Johnson this year and last and he's making plays for his teammates. Coach Spoelstra has gone all in with a second unit that is full of energy on both sides. Johson isn't just the white guy that can dunk this year. He's the guy that blocks on one end, while running full throttle to the basket on the offensive side before the defense even sets. He isn't just catching lobs but now throwing them up to Hassan Whiteside.

"Anytime you get knocked down you tend to take a step back and look at your situation, but I never doubted in the sense like 'man I'm never going to get back her in the NBA' you know I had times where I was like 'this is a little bit harder than expected, maybe I should go overseas and then come back' but I have a great support system that told me to stay the course. He continued "Especially coming here (to the NBA) undrafted, I just had to prove that I;m not here to just be an NBA player making an NBA salary, but I'm here because I love the game of basketball and I want to try and be the best I can be at it"

When asked if this season has been a surprise for him, Johnson confidently said "no it doesn't surprise me because I'm in the gym working and I can see and feel myself getting better."

The season is young and Tyler still feels like he can get better. That right there is why his growth will be so entertaining to watch this year. Last season, Tyler Johnson was one of Miami's secrets.

Now the secret is out.