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Tyler Johnson proving why he's the Heat's best jump shooter

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How should the Miami Heat maximize Johnson's improved game this season?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat have been under-utilizing Tyler Johnson's 3-point shooting. At 10 baskets out of 20 attempts (50% accuracy), Johnson is the Heat's premier 3-point threat. Of the other players with at least 10 tries, only Chris Bosh (36%) and Luol Deng (33%) are over the 30% mark.

Josh Richardson shows potential from downtown by converting 2 of his 4 attempts. What is holding Richardson back is his team-worst +/- rating of -33. He has tremendous upside potential once he solves his propensity to foul, which stands 5.4 PF per 36 minutes. Incidentally, Hassan Whiteside has proven to be a quick study in avoiding personal fouls by averaging 2.7 PF per 36 minutes. Once Richardson learns how to overcome his fouling issues, his minutes should rise because is gifted defensively and could be a legitimate threat on the perimeter.

Johnson may be best known for his athleticism, but his shooting prowess is massively overlooked. His figures after 13 games at 53% FG, 50% 3PT, 75% FT display the best all-around shooting on the team. Johnson and Whiteside are the only rotation players with over 60% eFG%, 60.3 and 60.8 respectively. Coincidentally the Miami Heat's two rookies, Richardson and Justise Winslow, have identical eFG% of 50%.

Known primarily as a defensive force and scoring mainly in the paint, the Miami Heat have the unique ability to play both small-or-big-ball styles. They can literally adapt on-the-fly to whatever other teams throw at them. As part of Heat's chameleon character, Johnson's 3-point shooting remains under-the-radar, but will not be hidden much longer if he continues converting at an over 40% rate.