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Could Mario Chalmers be headed to the Memphis Grizzlies?

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ESPN's Marc Stein reports that Grizzlies have discussed a potential deal for Mario Chalmers, we take a look at what that means and whether or not the 'Rio era could be done in Miami.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Mario Chalmers has been solid for the Miami Heat in a reduced role this season averaging 6.7 points and 3 assists and this production seems to have sparked some trade value after his significantly mediocre play last season.

Though nothing is confirmed as of yet, it appears that the Memphis Grizzlies are eyeing Chalmers in a potential trade as reported by ESPN's Marc Stein.

It's unclear right now who the Heat would receive in return for dealing 'Rio, but players on expiring contracts like Courtney Lee and Matt Barnes come to mind.

Personally I've been happy with Chalmers as a member of the Heat. He's been doing a stellar job conducting offense and really does appear to have made improvements to his all-round game. On the other hand, Mario being gone would free up playing time for Tyler Johnson who was great against Houston and in preseason.

What do you think Heat-Nation? Is Mario's time in Miami at an end?