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Pacers 90, Heat 87: Too Much George

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Paul George dumped 36 points and grabbed 12 boards against the Heat, and George Hill pitched in a dozen points in Indiana's three-point win over Miami.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers inched ahead in the third and did just enough to keep the Heat at bay though the fourth quarter, earning a 90-87 win over Miami on Friday night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

Miami fell behind 15-8 to open the game, then took a 10-point lead on the strength of an 18-1 run to close the period with a 26-16 edge. Hassan Whiteside had four points, four rebounds, and four blocks through the frame, as the Heat shot 55% on 11-of-20 shooting. The Heat outrebounded Indiana 14-to-10 over the first 12 minutes, as the Pacers shot just 28% from the field on seven-for-25 shooting. Paul George played all 12 minutes, scoring 11 with three rebounds.

Indiana charged back with a 33 point second quarter on 12-of-18 shooting, including three-in-four from beyond the arc. Chris Bosh had nine points and three rebounds, while George Hill also scored nine points on perfect shooting from the field and from the line. Miami's 22 points through the frame were achieved on nine-of-21 shooting (42.9%). The two entered the dressing room for halftime with the score knotted up at 49.

The third quarter would see the Pacers do just well enough to pull ahead of the Heat by three points, in what would end up as the final margin of victory. Paul George scored 10 of Indiana's 22 points, going five-for-five with five boards through the quarter. The Pacers shot 64.7% from the field in the third, hitting 11-of-17 shots. Despite taking three more shots than the Pacers, Miami sunk three less, going eight-for-20.

The final 12 minutes would see Paul George continue to pull the Pacers along, leading them to victory in spite of themselves. He scored over half of their points, making three field goals and five free throws for 11 of their 19. Miami was just good enough to equal the Pacers 19 points. Justise Winslow led Miami with seven through the frame, while Josh McRoberts picked up five. Whiteside inadvertently bumped into George after making a short shot with about four minutes left in the game, and held himself quite nicely after George retaliated.

George ended up shooting 14-for-27 through the game (51.9%) while the rest of his club went 22-for-53 (41.5%). The clubs were nearly even on the boards, with Indiana holding a slight edge, 43-to-40. Each team dished out 21 assists, with Monta Ellis leading the Pacers with eight and Dwyane Wade leading the good guys with six.

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