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HHH Friday FanDuel Forecast

Here's some advice as you play FanDuel fantasy basketball this weekend!

Welcome to our weekly forecast of weekend fantasy basketball! Every Friday, check here for some insight into the best FanDuel plays for the weekend.

FanDuel is a great way to play fantasy basketball. It's new everyday, and so much fun! You get to pick your own 9-player lineup and get the chance to win some money!

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But for now, here' some great insights to who to play this weekend. Top heavy plays, medium plays and lowkey plays right here for you!

HIGH - Isaiah Thomas vs the Warriors
High scoring game ahead and Thomas will get plenty of decision making in his hands. I expect him to have a great game. He won't be as expensive as Steph Curry, but will put up big numbers.

MID - Tony Parker vs the Lakers
The Lakers are giving up the most FanDuel PPG vs opposing point guards. Parker can be inconsistent, but this should be a game he plays solid.

LOW - Jared Dudley vs the Pelicans
With all the injuries in Washington, he's become a cheap option for a good double digit score from a player under $4k.

HIGH - Chris Paul vs the Nets
He will enjoy the lights in Barclays and put on a show. I like the play here for CP3.

MID - Jordan Clarkson vs the Rockets
Houston is having point guard issues, and with the combo play of Clarkson and decreased minutes for Kobe Bryant, I think he could be a valuable mid play here for you.

LOW - Danny Green vs the Hawks
Atlanta has a great defense, but what that means is they will try to take away the big names in San Antonio and force the ball to the winds. Green could easily be the recipient of a shut down defense on Kawhi and company.

HIGH - Brandon Knight vs the Timberwolves
He has a favorable matchup against Ricky Rubio. There's only four games on Sunday and I think Knight is the best bet up near the top of the costs.

MID - DeMar DeRozan vs the Sixers
Alsmot seems like a game built for him to breakout. The Sixers aren't stopping anyone from scoring and they are giving up 34 PPG in fantasy to shooting guards in their last 10.

LOW - Mario Chalmers vs the Heat
It's almost wishful thinking, but I hope Mario Chalmers has a good game in his return. He deserves it. Just not too good that we can't beat the Grizzlies. He might be worth the cheap cost if you can handle rooting for him again.


I hope that helps you pick your team! Choose wisely, have fun and join us on FanDuel!

Remember, all this is my opinions and not that of Hot Hot Hoops, SB Nation or FanDuel. FD has given me some cash to start playing.

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