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Fan Voting now open for NBA All-Star Game

Which Heat players do you want to see in the All-Star game?

Miami HEAT

NBA fan voting has begun for the 2016 NBA All-Star game in Toronto this February. And as always, you get to have a say in who starts in the game. Fan voting has long been a part of the NBA's process and we get to select the starting 5.

That means you can vote to send any and all Heat players everyday up to ten times!

There's plenty of ways to vote -- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, texting, and even the old-school way at

The Miami Heat have made it easy for you on their website, just click HERE to vote easily. And remember, anytime the Miami Heat, HotHotHoops or anyone sends out a vote, reposting or retweeting it also sends out a vote.

So as Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade try to get to the game, think about sending them a vote, multiple times a day. Maybe this is the year for Hassan Whiteside to get a start. Two back court players (guards) and 3 front court players (forwards and centers) will be chosen at the end of the voting process to start for each conference.

Do your part! Vote for your Heat players often and help them make it to Toronto on the fan vote.