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Who's winning streak was more impressive: 2015 Warriors or 2013 Heat?

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The Golden State Warriors' winning streak ended in Milwaukee after they racked up 24 wins to start the season, and 28 overall from last year. Is that more impressive than the Heat's 27 game winning streak in 2013?

Finally, it's over. The Warriors' winning streak has ended. My gut tells me that people were plenty ready to see the Miami Heat's 27-game winning streak in 2013 end much quicker than this one.

So...which one was more impressive?

That's the question we are asking. And listen, it doesn't really matter, but it's worth discussing. Both of them failed to reach the Lakers' 33-game winning streak from the 70's. And there is some debate here about what we should count.

The Warriors won 24 games to start this season, very impressive. But the NBA is counting their winning streak as 28 games, stretching over from their final 4 games from last season. When the Heat won, they won all of their 27 games in one season.

Both streaks had plenty of glamour. The Warriors were supported by the awe of watching Stephen Curry play. He made 143 three-pointers during the 28 game win streak. That's just insane, and two more than two NBA teams during that span. They dominated opponents and had a double digit margin of defeat.

But the Heat had a different glamour. They had to have some comebacks, some unlikely wins and some signature moments, including this...

The Heat's win streak was something that brought excitement and awe to the long part of the NBA season. But, it's hard to say the Warriors weren't bringing the same excitement into every arena they played in. The Warriors did it in a dominant fashion, the Heat did it in a grind it out fashion.

It's hard to say and we can debate it all you want.

We want to hear from you...

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