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Report: Heat a likely trade option for Dwight Howard

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Sheridan Hoops is reporting that because Dwight Howard is unhappy and the Heat have been active, that this is his most likely destination. OK, makes sense.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

You can read the full report right here, but here's some highlights of what Sheridan Hoops is reporting about the Miami Heat and Dwight Howard.

Dwight Howard is extremely unhappy in Houston playing second fiddle to alpha dog James Harden, multiple league sources tell And with the Rockets underachieving more than any NBA team, look for them to try to move Howard later this season.

And the destination that makes the most sense is Miami in a trade centered around Hassan Whiteside.

So as you can see, Sheridan is reporting that the Heat are likely, not necessarily in talks with the Houston Rockets about this trade.

Sheridan also reports that this is because the Heat have attempted to send Whiteside back to Sacramento in return for DeMarcus Cousins.

This prediction is based upon the fact that the Heat, as colleague Michael Scotto is reporting today, are trying to get the Sacramento Kings to part with DeMarcus Cousins, offering a package of Whiteside, rookie Justise Winslow and cap filler to make the salaries match. Chicago and Boston also are actively making offers for Cousins.

So, there you have it. A trade rumor. Now, it makes sense that the Heat could be thinking about landing a center with a contract. Hassan Whiteside is going to demand a large contract when the season is over, and the Heat can't offer it to them as they are constructed.

First of all, unless the Heat renounce their rights to Dwyane Wade, NBA salary cap rules will preclude them from offering Whiteside his full market value. Miami would be able to offer between $8-9 million, which is at least half of what the kid can get on the open market. On a full max deal, Whiteside would be looking at a $90 million payday, and nobody walks away from a $90 million payday.

That's true. That's hard to think about because the Heat have spent so much time investing in him, and it could be likely he walks away for the money this offseason. So the Heat very well could be looking at securing a big that will be here. DeMarcus Cousins would be nice, but the Heat would also have to part ways with Justise Winslow and other assets. The same is true for Dwight Howard, who's aging faster.

What do you think? Should the Heat even be having these talks?


All quotes taken from Sheridan Hoops.