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Five Stars: Heat 104, Nets 98

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Miami earns their third win in a row to solidify their grip on the top spot in the Southeast Division.

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First Star

Dwyane Wade (MIA) 23.3

After a few sub-optimal starts in a row, Wade lit up the hoop for 13 field goals in 17 tries, including success on his only three-point try of the game. He posted a minus-1 rating in 30:09 of game time, making one-of-two free throws and grabbing five rebounds, dishing out two assists, and blocking a game-high three shots. Wade scored 10 of his game-high 28 points in the final frame, going five-for-six in the process and earning the First Star for the fourth time this season. It was his 12th overall appearance in Five Stars.

Dwyane had a real pep in his step. This is what he's built his career on. He had the full pie chart going. - Heat coach Erik Spoelstra

Second Star

Jarrett Jack (BKN) 22.8

Jack had a game on which most nights would have qualified for First Star honors, if not for Wade's heroics. He put up Brooklyn's only double-double with 22 points and 10 assists, shooting seven-for-14 in 35:39. Although he only made one-of-five from beyond the arc, he would contribute to the Nets cause by adding two rebounds and two steals to go along with a seven-for-eight night from the stripe. He finished the game with an even rating.

They are a veteran bunch. They stay the course. We hit them in the mouth early, but they weathered the storm. They still have that championship pedigree in that locker room. - Jack

Third Star

Brook Lopez (BKN) 19.6

Lopez had a dozen points and three boards in the first period, and totaled a team-high 25 points on 12-of-16 shooting by the sound of the final buzzer. He added six rebounds and went one-for-two from the line, finishing with a minus-3 rating in 28:09.

Fourth Star

Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 18.0

Whiteside makes his 14th appearance in Five Stars by earning Miami's only double-double of the game with 20 points and 13 rebounds, including five offensive. He went seven-of-10 from the field and a relatively dazzling six-of-eight from the stripe, with two blocked shots and a minus-8 rating in 29:31.

Fifth Star

Goran Dragic (MIA) 13.4

Dragic played his way into the Five Stars for the seventh time this year, scoring 16 points on six-of-15 shooting. Unfortunately, he made only one-of-six shots from long distance, but made up for it somewhat with five assists, two steals and a blocked shot in a team-high 36:24. He also went three-for four from the line with three rebounds and a plus-4 rating.

The Rest

Justise Winslow (MIA) 12.2

33 minutes, 11 points, seven rebounds

Wayne Ellington (BKN) 10.9

26 minutes, 12 points, three steals

Donald Sloan (BKN) 7.2

12 minutes, five points, three assists

Gerald Green (MIA) 6.9

21 minutes, 13 points

Thaddeus Young (BKN) 6.8

30 minutes, eight points, four assists, seven rebounds

Andrea Bargnani (BKN) 5.4

21 minutes, 10 points, four rebounds

Willie Reed (BKN) 4.7

Eight minutes, two points, three rebounds

Chris Bosh (MIA) 4.6

30 minutes, seven points, seven rebounds

Luol Deng (MIA) 4.2

26 minutes, five points, six rebounds, three assists

Bojan Bogdanovic (BKN) 3.6

40 minutes, eight points, five rebounds

Udonis Haslem (MIA) 3.5

12 minutes, two points, three rebounds

Beno Udrih (MIA) 1.3

Six minutes, two points

Thomas Robinson (BKN) 0.9

Two minutes, one point

Joe Johnson (BKN) 0.1

33 minutes, five points, four assists, two rebounds

Markel Brown (BKN) -0.7

Four minutes, 0-for-1

Tyler Johnson (MIA) -1.0

Five minutes, one assist

Five Stars Standings

The cumulative Five Stars standings are computed by awarding 10 or nine points when a player finishes a game as the First Star, 10 in the case of a win, and nine when the Heat lose. Second Star is awarded eight or seven points, and so on.



Chris Bosh


Dwyane Wade


Hassan Whiteside


Goran Dragic


Tyler Johnson


Luol Deng


Gerald Green


Justise Winslow


Josh McRoberts




Miami comes away with their third win in a row, concluding their four-game road trip at 3-1. They'll open a four-game homestand on Friday night with an 8PM tipoff against the Toronto Raptors. NetsDaily has more on Brooklyn, and you can also read up on the Raptors at Raptors HQ. Check back here for everything you may want to know about the Heat.