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HHH Friday FanDuel Forecast

Here's our weekly look at some great fantasy basketball advice for you to play this weekend! Also, join us in a private HHH league for practice tonight!

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Welcome to our weekly forecast of weekend fantasy basketball! Every Friday, check here for some insight into the best FanDuel plays for the weekend.

FanDuel is a great way to play fantasy basketball. It's new everyday, and so much fun! You get to pick your own 9-player lineup and get the chance to win some money!

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But for now, here' some great insights to who to play this weekend. Top heavy plays, medium plays and lowkey plays right here for you! Remember, just my take, do what you like!

HIGH - Paul George vs the Nets
You saw what Dwyane Wade did to them on their court. Paul George has been playing well, and at home should be very productive against one the lesser teams in the East.

MID - Brandon Knight vs the Pelicans
The Pelicans are giving up the second most FD PPG to point guards. He's on the high end of a mid-level player but should be worth the money for this game.

LOW - Gerald Green vs the Raptors
Green has been on a role lately, and he should continue to get the playing time even with Tyler Johnson returning. He's a good add at a small value to help you get other big name players.

HIGH - John Wall vs the Hornts
At home, against an undersized back court, Wall should be getting anything he wants. He should score you 40+ FD points in this game and worth the 9k plus he will cost.

MID - Zach Randolph vs the Pacers
Both teams will be on a back-to-back but the Pacers have no inside depth to guard both Gasol and Zach. With Zach coming off the bench lately, this may be the perfect game for him. He cost only about $6,200 FD and is worth every penny in this game.

LOW - JJ Redick vs the Rockets
Rockets give up 6th most points to SGs. Redick should be open from the poor defense of Harden, and the always beneficiary to the overhelp on Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

HIGH - Damian Lillard vs the Heat
Are you serious? He's going to light us up. Hopefully we still get the win, but Lillard has what it takes to make Miami scream help.

MID - Hassan Whiteside vs the Blazers
On the flip side, the Blazers give up the most FD points to centers. Whiteside is mroe of a high end player, but I thought I would add him in there. As long as Friday doesn't give you concerns, he's a good play here.

LOW - Jabari Parker vs the Suns
High scoring game ahead and he's been putting it all together lately. At about $5,000 I like him as a lower option for you to play.


I hope that helps you pick your team! Choose wisely, have fun and join us on FanDuel!


Remember, all this is my opinions and not that of Hot Hot Hoops, SB Nation or FanDuel. FD has given me some cash to start playing.

Start playing now!