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Whiteside says Heat don't run any plays for him

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If you watch the Heat very much, you can tell this is true. Is it a problem?

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

It's become glaringly obvious. The Miami Heat don't have a single play in the playbook to let Hassan Whiteside score on his own. He confirmed this to reporters on Tuesday at practice.

It's so obvious because every time Hassan accidentally gets the ball in the post, he either immediately turns and shoots it or he immediately starts to back down and throw up a hook shot. Now, the hook shot thing has worked for Whiteside and he's pretty efficient at it. But his shooting isn't something pleasant to the eye.

In fact, about the only plays that are "called" for Whiteside are ones that end with a lob from a teammate. But teams are beginning to learn how to take that away as well.

There's a real issue here because there are nights when Whiteside is or can be the best player on the court for Miami and they aren't utilizing him enough. Whiteside runs up and down the court and works his tail off on defense and makes up for his teammates mistakes and then is never looked at on the other end.

It will run its course, and something will have to happen. Whiteside doesn't want to be a role player. He wants to be a major contributor. And that means every once in a while, dump the ball down low to the big guy.

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