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Miami Heat introduces new Legacy Collection

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The Heat will debut the new jersey at Thursday's home game against the Thunder.

Miami Heat

In celebration of their rich history and as a tribute to their fanbase, the Miami Heat have unveiled the brand new Legacy Collection which includes a new jersey that will debut at Thursday's home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Legacy Collection is being presented by Tissot, the official timekeeper of the NBA and the Heat, and was designed in-house by the Heat Creative Department.

Legacy Collection team 1
Legacy Collection team 2
Legacy Collection team 3

The new uniform features the traditional Heat colors of red, black, and white to honor the team's unforgettable playoff runs that were groundbreaking in their use of color campaigns.

Heat Legacy Collection Winslow

Heat Legacy Collection Winslow back

The side paneling on one side is a nod to the original team jersey.

Heat Legacy Collection jersey detail

Heat Legacy Collection jersey detail 2

In addition to the new jersey, the collection also includes memorabilia, jackets, and a series of t-shirts with classic snapshots capturing memorable moments from the Heat's history.

Heat Legacy Collection shirt 1

Heat Legacy Collection shirt 2

Heat Legacy Collection shirt 3

Heat Legacy Collection shirt 4

Heat Legacy Collection shirt 5

Heat Legacy Collection shirt 6

Heat Legacy Collection shirt 7

The Heat's press release has more info on the Legacy Collection:

The Legacy campaign features HEAT fans in their rightful place—front and center—having not only originated the practice of the color-themed Playoff campaigns, but having taken ownership of the concept unlike fans in any other market. Starting with "Back in Black" in 2004, transitioning to "The Red Zone" in 2005 and finding championship glory with "White Hot" in 2006, HEAT fans have embraced their role when the games matter most. The HEAT will wear the Legacy uniform for the following games:

Game Date


December 3rd

vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

December 5th

vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

December 7th

vs. Washington Wizards

December 13th

vs. Memphis Grizzlies

December 18th

vs. Toronto Raptors

December 20th

vs. Portland Trailblazers

December 29th

@ Memphis Grizzlies

January 3rd

@ Washington Wizards

A special website,, will launch today at 12:00 p.m. EST and will showcase the Legacy campaign including the player introduction video, details about the uniform, the 2015-16 Legacy retail merchandise collection and Legacy campaign photographs. Those HEAT fans featured in the Legacy campaign are those who participated in the video and photo shoots, which took place after the Red, White & Pink scrimmage on October 15th.  HEAT fans attending the December 3rd game will receive a free Legacy player poster presented by Tissot.

The Legacy uniform belongs to HEAT fans everywhere—a roster of millions draped in red, black and white. HEAT fans know their role and understand that legacies are built and defended during the playoffs. Legacy melds past with present; fan culture with franchise future; and a clean silhouette influenced by the spirit of the classics. For more information, please visit

Click this link to see the Heat's video for the Legacy Collection.

Introducing the HEAT Legacy uniform present by @tissot_official

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