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HHH Friday FanDuel Forecast

I've got all kinds of different advice for you here as you play fantasy basketball with FanDuel!

Steve Mitchell - USA Today Sports

Welcome to our weekly forecast of weekend fantasy basketball! Every Friday, check here for some insight into the best FanDuel plays for the weekend.

FanDuel is a great way to play fantasy basketball. It's new everyday, and so much fun! You get to pick your own 9-player lineup and get the chance to win some money!

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But for now, here' some great insights to who to play this weekend. Top heavy plays, medium plays and lowkey plays right here for you!

HIGH - Andre Drummond vs the Bucks
With Greg Monroe visiting his former team, I think Drummond is set to have the mindset to have a big night. You can easily see another 20-20 night from Andre and he will be worth that high money.

MID - Dirk Nowitzki vs the Rockets
I don't know if you have noticed or not, but the Rockets are really struggling. And it's surprising that Dirk doesn't cost a lot of FanDuel dollars. In state battle, and at home against a reeling time - Dirk will have a solid night.

LOW - Kyle Korver vs the Lakers
The Lakers defense is so bad. And Korver is a cheap option because they will lose him in the offense focusing on stopping Teague, Paul and Al. It's not a guarantee, but I would play him.

HIGH - LeBron James vs the Heat
You guys think he's going to take it easy on us? Seriously. He's going all out and is going to have a good night, even better is Luol Deng is still out. Play the man. Or don't because you don't want to root for him because of fantasy basketball, either way is cool.

MID - Jared Sullinger vs the Spurs
He's been playing very consistent in FanDuel and against Duncan he will be able to pull him out of the paint. He should have a decent night but not spectacular. This is a safe pick.

LOW - Jamal Crawford vs the Magic
If Chris Paul is still out, maybe even Redick, then Crawford will have the ball in his hands plenty. Evan Fournier is a safe defender and Crawford will get any shot he wants. Great value add.

HIGH - Russell Westbrook vs the Kings
He will be on 3 days rest, at home, and against Rajon Rondo. He's getting to the bucket, the foul line and he's going to do some damage. Build your team around him first.

MID - Klay Thompson vs the Nets
Klay is always a good play for his price because of his ceiling. He could easily score 40+ fantasy points on any night. But, if he's off, he might not contribute much. I think against the Nets he should be scoring plenty.

LOW - Marcin Gortat vs the Mavericks
Classic game that will see Gortat get some baskets at the rim and be the recipient of a Mavs defense that will focus on contesting the shot, leaving Gortat free to roam.


I hope that helps you pick your team! Choose wisely, have fun and join us on FanDuel!

Remember, all this is my opinions and not that of Hot Hot Hoops, SB Nation or FanDuel. FD has given me some cash to start playing.

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