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AUDIO: 790 the Ticket's Tobin and Taylor have fun with Heat songs

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The creativity these days is awesome. 790 the Ticket has been known to be creative and here's two songs about the Heat.

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Usually it's Dan LeBatard making noise from 790 with something up his sleeve. Today, the Heat world enjoyed some fun at the songs made by Brendan Tobin and Joy Taylor.

Tobin uses a familiar tone to talk about the state of the Heat and Ron Rothstein. Yes, the former Miami Heat assistant coach. Ron now is in the booth to give some insight on the Heat, and apparently we need more of him. Tobin makes it catchy and fun.

Meanwhile, Joy starts to sing about about what we are all wondering...will D-Wade's hamstrings really make it? Not as catchy or easy to listen to, but worth a listen.

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