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Gabrielle Union had this to say to Barkley regarding Wade's All-Star nod

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There was some back and forth from Gabrielle Union and Charles Barkley after her husband Dwyane Wade selected to the All-Star game.

Charles Barkley has been known for his uncensored opinion and not really caring about what he says.

As a result, there have been plenty of reactions that have landed on headlines. The latest were jabs traded with Gabrielle Union, the wife of Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade.

Barkley started off by saying how Wade doesn't deserve to be an All-Star this year, which was quickly followed by Union saying how Chuck's opinion doesn't matter compared to fellow NBA Champion analysts Kenny Smith and Shaquille O'Neal. But ohhhh there was more.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Gabrielle Union - 1. Sir Charles - 0