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Report: Heat interested in trading for Jameer Nelson

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Heat have explored talks to add the point guard veteran.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

According to Shams Charania of, the Miami Heat have talked to the Denver Nuggers on possibly adding Jameer Nelson.

The Nuggets are currently on the path to clear house due to their record, so Nelson being involved in trade discussions surprises no one. He also makes $3.25 million and is a off the books after that, so a possible addition wouldn't affect Miami in 2016.

Who would the Heat offer for Nelson? The name that first comes to mind is Norris Cole of course, and before you start clamoring for this trade to happen let's look at the statistics both players have offered this season.

Norris Cole 2014 -2015
Age 26
Height/Weight 6'2, 175
Games Played 47
Points Per Game 6.3
Assists Per Game 3.5
Rebounds Per Game 2.3
Field Goal % 39%
Free Throw $% 70%

Jameer Nelson 2014 -2015
Age 33
Height/Weight 6'0, 190
Games Played 40
Points Per Game 7.5
Assists Per Game 4.5
Rebounds Per Game 2.6
Field Goal % 36%
Free Throw $% 71%

The Heat are a team that could use healthy players and Nelson has already missed the past four games due to an Achilles injury. Cole on the other hand has been one of the healthiest players in this up and down season for Miami. So the question becomes would you rather have a serviceable back court player who is an injury risk but can guarantee you solid production when he is on the floor or a younger Cole who has no health concerns?

Let's be honest, Cole has had a terrible season thus far and he may walk away as a free agent regardless, especially considering his agent is also the agent for LeBron James and his home is also in Cleveland. So do you trade to get something back? Even if that something back does not have much left?

Pat Riley has shown interest in Nelson since instead opting to draft Dorell Wright instead in the 2004 NBA Draft. So will Riley finally make up for it a decade later?

Nelson would also be playing for this fifth team in 8 months after spending 10 years with the Orlando Magic. He can be a great addition to the team when healthy but don't think this is the same Jameer Nelson that helped lead the Magic to the Finals.

Should Miami make this move? Comments below.