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Report: Heat showing interest in Goran Dragic and Reggie Jackson

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Heat are said to have interest in the two highly-touted guards.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Though it is HIGHLY unlikely that the Miami Heat can acquire either Goran Dragic from the Phoenix Suns or Reggie Jackson of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami is interested according to multiple sources.

Should the Heat be interested or even push for Dragic or Jackson? Absolutely. It's no secret that Miami's back court has struggled at best this season. The triple threat so far has been Shabbaz Napier not playing enough defense, Mario Chalmers not providing enough offense and an actual highlight of Norris Cole forgetting how to play basketball. So yes I can understand the tingling sensation one gets when thinking about Dragic or Jackson. Which is why you should rest your mind quickly because neither will happen. Don't look at it from the Heat's point of view but rather from the Suns and Thunder perspective.

Phoenix could very well lose Dragic for nothing so that's the reason why they're pushing his name out for the February 19th trading deadline. Remember they signed Eric Bledsoe to a five-year $70 million contract last summer and then added Isaiah Thomas with a three-year deal worth $27 million to compliment him. Since both of those signings came about, Dragic has been spending the season as the odd man out in cap figures. Phoenix could let Dragic go now or have him walk away for nothing in free agency unless they offer a contract that isn't worth refusing.

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers are said to be strongly interested in last year's Most Improved Player, and even went further on to say the Lakers may offer Dragic a four-year $80 million deal. Miami on the other hand, could offer Dragic only the mid-level exception as a free agent, and if they wanted to trade for him, you're looking at future picks, with Luol Deng and Mario Chalmers or Norris Cole to say the least. Dragic can be more valuable to this team's future than Deng or Chalmers is now, but if he leaves after this season the Heat would not only lose players but picks as well, and return next year even less of a team than now.

The same story can be said for Jackson. In this injury-filled season for the Thunder, Jackson has proved himself nicely when Westbrook and Durant is out, providing instant offense and being a reason why OKC is still in the playoff hunt. Since the trade for Dion Waiters though, Jackson's minutes have been down and since he is approaching free agency, he's likely to be dealt. Oklahoma City finds itself in familiar territory as once again they may not have the money to sign a player that has the potential to become a star.  Like with Dragic, Miami has the likes of Deng, Chalmers, and future draft picks but the same issue remains. Will it be enough? With the Thunder talking to the Denver Nuggets about Wilson Chandler, Aaron Afflalo and draft picks, the value in that conversation could take Miami out of the picture. As great of a motivator Pat Riley is, he can't just tell Jackson "I see you as the next Dwyane Wade but can only pay you like you're Luol Deng."

Both these players feel as if they are worth a massive pay raise. With Dragic turning 29 and Jackson on the doorstep of 25, both are playing for their next big contract while believing they themselves can change a franchise. If Miami gives that type of money to either one, they will position themselves out of the 2016 Free Agency. There's a reason why the Heat are said to be interested in a 33-year-old Jameer Nelson who isn't known to play defense and has been out for four games due to an Achilles injury.

Oh, and keep it in mind this would be happening without the future contract of Hassan Whiteside. You and I are well aware of how Riley covets his big men so he may go through hell and back to keep Whiteside on the White Hot side.

So before you jersey swap and envision a back court of Wade and Dragic/Jackson and beating LeBron James in the Conference Finals, just realize Miami wants these players, but so does everyone else..along with world peace.

The Heat are interested. Because interest is free.