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Not one, not two but three! - Bosh reacts after Shooting Stars victory

Chris Bosh was out early warming up to defend his title, and it sure paid off!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Teaming up with Atlanta Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins and WNBA star Swin Cash, Bosh showcased the skills that have helped earned him the Shooting Stars title for the third year in a row.

When asked if Bosh is excited to defend his title again in Toronto, he was quick to dismiss the current moment.

"Hey man, let's just soak this all in. I'm about to pop a couple of bottles of champagne in the back there and mess up the locker room," he joked.

When asked if the half court shot is something Bosh practices he replies "No, I practiced it today right before we started."

After Kenny Smith noted that Dominique Wilkins has been carried by Bosh and Cash, Bosh again joked "I hope I make it to 26,000..

An elusive three-peat? Perhaps not, but it's great to see Bosh being appreciated in a year where many have forgotten him.