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Wade: "I'm sure I've sent a text to a lot of guys when they've come up"

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Dwyane Wade opened up about his thoughts on the recruiting process involving players and shared his thoughts on the Heat moving forward this season.

Not all weekends are the same and by no means does an 11th All-Star weekend get lost on Dwyane Wade despite ruling himself injured.

Growing up in Chicago with a thirst for all things basketball, Wade loved watching the All-Star games, even if he has forgotten most of them.

"I don't remember certain games a lot, I just remember amazing players on one court and it looked like they were having so much fun. I remember seeing guys that you didn't think would talk (to each other), talk. You'd see Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas talking, you didn't think that growing up in Chicago with the Pistons, you didn't think that would ever happen.

"I remember thinking mad, that's so cool, I would love to experience that one day, so for this to be my 11th year in a row and to be in this environment is pretty darn cool."

Tonight also would've been another opportunity to play alongside his best friend LeBron James. Wade and James haven't had that chance since losing to the Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals.

When asked whether Wade believes in the recruiting process, he was quick to let it be known James wanted to come here on his own but at the same time he believes players being involved has some merit.

"You know, we lean on each other for a lot of things, so obviously going into 2010 before we even realized we could play together, you're talking.

"I'm sure I've sent a text to a lot of guys when they've come up".

You have to wonder if Wade has been texting any players these days. The Heat currently possesses a 22-30 record. Even so, Wade says preparation has always been consistent.

"From a championship year to a 15-win season, our preparation has always been pretty consistent, it's just what we do. I think we just need to not look at our record is and focus on the 30 games left, focus on playing better."

For the full video on Wade's thoughts on recruiting, click below.