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This week in Heat basketball

The Heat are going to enjoy an extended All-Star break and then get back to action with a healthy roster later this week.

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The Miami Heat won't be in action for most of the week after the All-Star break, but will begin the last leg of their season journey with 30 games remaining.

Here's our weekly view of what's on tap for the team as we look at some specific match-ups and look at some FanDuel advice along the way.

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Miami @ New York

DETAILS: Friday, 7:30 PM EST

The Heat beat the Knicks just last week in Miami without Dwyane Wade. Now, Wade and Bosh will travel back to New York where they spent their All-Star break as the Heat will look to start their post break season with a win. Carmelo Anthony may or may not shut things down, we aren't sure. Either way, this is a real opportunity for the Heat to get off to a good start.

The key will be the return of Dwyane Wade. Wade has been absent since the Heat beat the Pacers in Miami. Wade changes the Heat, obviously, but it will also help Hassan Whiteside. The Heat should be able to get this win without much of a resistance, but they will need to play well.

FanDuel Advice: I wouldn't bet on Wade's numbers after such a long break, but I would be high on Chris Bosh here. He played great against the Knicks last time out scoring 32 points. He should be a good play here again.

New Orleans @ Miami

DETAILS: Saturday, 7:30 PM EST

The Pelicans will play in Orlando the night before, so both teams will be on back-to-backs, yet the Heat will be traveling from further away. New Orleans is hovering around .500 in the West, which is substantially better than what the Heat have done so far. Anthony Davis will be the center of attention here.

It will be really interesting to see how the Heat size up with New Orleans now that Whiteside is starting. Previously Bosh was in the middle, so whatever undersized PF was next team would be against Davis. Now the Heat should have a bit more of a balanced attack. I also see Tyreke Evans as a bad match-up for the Heat point guards. He's big and physical and if he decides to attack, it will be a problem for Napier, Chalmers or Cole.

FanDuel Advice: I would still play Anthony Davis here because he is a monster, and has historically played good against Miami. But, I would also keep an eye on Luol Deng. He should have an advantage against anyone that the Pelicans try to guard him with.


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