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NBA Trade Deadline Live Thread

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Come chat with us all day as the drama of the NBA's trade deadline unfolds!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

About a week ago it appeared as if the 2015 NBA Trade Deadline would come and go with little to no real action.

With the deadline just hours away we would now be stunned if that was the result. Among the questions currently unanswered:

Will the Heat make a move or try and upgrade via free agency?

Where will Goran Dragic land?

Will Reggie Jackson find a new home?

What will Denver do?

Will the Nets move Joe Johnson and/or Brook Lopez?

Can Utah find a taker for Enes Kanter?

And those are just the things we know about! has set the over/under on trades for the day at 9.5 so stay locked in with us all day as we discuss in the comments section below!