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Dwyane Wade: The Legend

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Now that Dwyane Wade is back, it's time for him to become legendary.

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The pressure doesn't come anywhere close to years before. Since the summer LeBron James made his entrance it has been Finals or failure. But due to LeBron 's exit, another June trip will not be expected. But that doesn't mean Dwyane Wade no longer carries the burden to win. He will forever be the greatest Miami Heat player until seriously challenged. His second home where he has created a Hall of Fame resume spanning over 12 years. Now he may need to be legendary in these final 30 games in order for Miami to get past the first round of the playoffs.

After missing nearly a month, the fan base, the coaching staff and even Wade himself are probably praying nearly every possession and wincing every time he is on the floor. For the first seven years of his career he was expected to get up. Now in this final run, we hold our collective breaths when he falls. Wade is no longer elite among NBA's best, but just a great player that carries around the asterisk of "when healthy." The funny thing is even though he has experienced such unfortunate lingering injuries through this season, he still remains Miami's best option of success.

Hassan Whiteside can provide brilliant defensive moments and Chris Bosh can produce monumental offensive roars after shots. Pat Riley could give motivational speeches and Erik Spoelstra can press conference about "never letting go of the rope." In the end, these final 30 games and beyond are all on the effectiveness of one player. The face of the franchise. Dwyane Wade. The Miami Legend. So it's time to be legendary.