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Injury Update: Chris Bosh OUT Friday vs Knicks

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The Miami Heat traveled to New York and didn't take Chris Bosh with them due to illness. We've learned that he's been hospitalized with chest pain.

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Update (12:25 AM)
Chris Bosh has been hospitalized with chest and lung pain. He missed the second straight day of practice and while the team was practicing, Bosh went to see a doctor. Bosh is/was undergoing tests.

There's no progress to report, but it sounds like there shout be something more substantial to be shared on Friday.


Chris Bosh played in the NBA All-Star game, but he won't be traveling back to New York with the Miami Heat to play the Knicks on Friday night due to an illness.

Bosh was ready to rejoin a healthy Dwyane Wade, but it seems the Heat just keep missing out on an opportunity to be all together. The Heat will be very short handed as they dealt out four players: Danny Granger, Justin Hamilton, Shawne Williams and Norris Cole on Thursday's trade deadline to bring in Goran Dragic. It's unclear if Dragic will be available for Friday.

The Knicks will be without Carmelo Anthony for the remainder of the season. They just waived Amare Stoudemire and also traded Pablo Prigioni. They will be short-handed, as usual.

The Heat visit the Knicks Friday night.

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