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Play FanDuel tonight for $2 and walk away with thousands with the right team

Tonight's another great chance for you to get in the Tourney and play FanDuel. Here's all the information you need.

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Today is the day to start playing FanDuel with us!

Editor's Note: SB Nation's partner FanDuel is running a $125,000 one-night fantasy basketball league tonight. It's $2 to enter and the top prize is $10,000. Click here to join. The top 16.515 lineups win money, so you got a good chance!

If you don't know what FanDuel is, you can click here to learn about it or watch this video.

Tonight, there are a bunch of game to help form your team. There's 13 games on the schedule including the Heat and Knicks at 7:30 PM. All you have to do is pick a roster of 9 players using FanDuel's salary cap. After that, you sit back and hope you picked that right roster that can win you some money!

To help you out, I have picked out some really solid plays for tonight's games.

Dwyane Wade @ New York
Roy Hibbert @ Philadelphia
Derrick Rose @ Detroit
LaMarcus Aldridge @ Utah
Klay Thompson vs San Antontio

Some costly players, and also some better value players for the particular matchup. That's all a part of the game in FanDuel as you try to put together the best roster. Don't forget to share your roster and use #FanDuelSBN on Twitter to see who's got who.

Disclosure: Remember, even though FanDuel sponsors this post, all the opinions and insights are my own. FanDuel has helped me get started with a deposit.

You don't want to miss this! It's so cheap to get in, $2, and the payouts are unreal if you pick that right lineup. Study up and good luck!

There you have it! Get in that Tourney for tonight and get some cash!