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The ReHeat: The Dragon comes to Miami

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Just a few days removed from one of the biggest moves in recent franchise history. Here's another take at what just happened.

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I'm still shocked. Did Pat Riley really pull this off? Marc Stein of ESPN and Adrian Wojanarowski of Yahoo Sports first tweeted about how Dragic is coming. Dan Lebetard of ESPN then mentioned four players from Miami would be leaving from here. Upon hearing that, the following conversation took place between me and friends trying to figure out which four.

"Luol Deng will always be in every trade to make the value match. Starter for starter right?"

*We then find out Deng is staying*

"Hmm ok wow we're keeping Deng? great. Damn we're definitely losing Bird or McRoberts then. No more wings and no more McRoberts potential."

*We then see that both Chris Andersen and Josh McRoberts are staying as well"

Wait...did the Heat trade Bosh or Whiteside for this guy?!"

*We then read these guys are staying too*

So who the hell did we give up?!?!

BREAKING NEWS: Goran and Zoran Dragic traded to Miami for Norris Cole, Danny Granger, Shawne Williams, Justin Hamilton and 2 first round picks.

"........WAIT..........WHAT?..........ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME?!?!?........WE GAVE UP PEOPLE THAT WE DIDN'T WANT TO KEEP????"....

*strong language infused celebration afterwards*

I didn't doubt Pat Riley but after experiencing four years of celebration on cheap discounts, I would think that no team in their right mind would want to help Riley experience easy victory again. So while there was no doubt, I certainly didn't see THIS happening. This trade was a laughable ESPN Trade Machine bet at best, not a real life transaction! The Heat remained solid at their good position while becoming great at their worst position.

You know what happens in every trade? an actual trade. It's like Pat Riley sold Norris Cole as "2x Champion Point Guard" instead of "2x Champion Point Guard who's most notable highlight of 2015 involved not in bounding a ball correctly"  It's like Riley sent over Best Of YouTube clips for Williams, Granger and....wait I don't even think Hamilton has a best of yet.

Riley convinced the Suns to take these four guys? For a player that was All NBA just one year ago? In that case, someone tell Riley I would like him to do my taxes. The way he persuades I'd get back a million. Want World Peace? Riley is on it. Can someone contact Pope Francis about getting Riley into Sainthood?

Miami now has a starting five that can challenge any team in the East when healthy and cohesive. Those 2 words have been unfamiliar with Miami all season long but instead of easily blaming this season to a lack of both, the Heat made something out of nothing with the chance to be special again.

Dragic isn't and will never will be Lebron James but let's see what he can be for this team. With the emergence of Hassan Whiteside along with the shot of Chris Bosh, Miami desperately needed some one like Goran Dragic who could not only give them the ball easily but also take off the nightly pressure from Dwyane Wade having to carry a team. How far can they go? That once again depends on who is all healthy enough to go, but after being tied with the Thunder as the two teams that won the Trading Deadline, you don't want to see the Heat in the first round of the playoffs.

The Miami did a major trade yesterday and got a floor general while trading players that make too many mistakes on the floor in general. I'm still surprised this happened but I can't help but smile. Because the Miami Heat just got Goran Dragic. For Justin Hamilton and Danny Granger.