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Norris Cole's top 3 moments with the Miami Heat

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We take a look at the top moments of Norris Cole with the Miami Heat.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Norris Cole was traded on Thursday to the New Orleans Pelicans in part of the package that brought Goran Dragic to Miami, today he returns to the South Florida to play the Heat. Here's his top 3 moments with the Heat.

3. Near triple double, and game saving play helps Heat win in Cleveland. Back home, Cole put together his most complete game yet as he was one assist shy of a triple double. Better than that, he took the ball away from Kyrie Irving on a potential game winning play for the Cavs.

2. Opening night this year, Cole sets the pace vs the Wizards. It seemed like the dawn of a new era as Cole got the start and was very impressive scoring a career high 23 points on route to a Heat win.

1. Home opener of his rookie year vs the Celtics. What a performance! It sparked the discussion of whether the Heat needed Mario Chalmers anymore. Yes, he's still here. Cole hit clutch shots in his first regular season game in Miami against the rival Celtics.