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Chris Bosh's powerful circle of support includes Alonzo Mourning

Chris Bosh is out for the remainder of the season, but his support system, including Miami Heat veteran Alonzo Mourning, is second to none.

Chris Bosh with Miami Heat veteran and VP, Alonzo Mourning
Chris Bosh with Miami Heat veteran and VP, Alonzo Mourning
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The news dropped heavy on the hearts of Miami Heat fans on Saturday afternoon.  It was news fans weren't surprised to hear but had been hoping against.  For all the criticism that Chris Bosh has taken since becoming a part of the proverbial Big 3 and beyond, the outpouring of love and respect during this very difficult time has been uniquely special.

The silver lining is that Bosh has a support system that sparkles and shines. His wife, Adrienne, has proven over the years to be a powerful partner in rising above various bits of drama and sending positive energy in multiple directions to uplift her social media followers and apparently everyone she comes into contact with.  Her influence will no doubt give Chris Bosh the spiritual lift he needs to recuperate and heal.  But the transition out of basketball could be a head trip that will require a further lift.

Bosh Baby Shower held at Epic Hotel

Enter Miami Heat veteran and current Vice President of Player Programs and Development for the Heat, Alonzo Mourning.  In Mourning's recent Hall of Fame speech, he shared a lot about what he went through when he was diagnosed with a life-threatening kidney disease back in 2000.  Many Heat fans are having flashbacks but there's more to this than just the fans' "been there, done that" mentality.  Mourning has actually been there (or similar) and done that and he will be instrumental in this part of player (re)development.

Many professional athletes share the mental struggle they have transitioning from playing on a very regular basis since the time they were kids to not playing at all, whether due to retirement, injury, or just getting cut from a team.  Certainly back in Mourning's initial retirement in 2003, he could never have known that his struggles would become a stepping stone for a younger brother, Chris Bosh.  But it's often the case.  When we get through a struggle, it makes us stronger and gives us an opportunity to support someone in the future.

Bosh will come out shining (and maybe even sparkling!).  It's part of who he is and nothing can or will change that.  The Miami Heat will play on without him and he'll watch, maybe with Zo, from off the court.

He'll get love from family, friends, fellow players, his band of brothers and, of course, from Heat Nation.  It will not go unnoticed - he is too plugged in.