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Why Goran Dragic's impact will be immediately felt by the Heat

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Goran Dragic is in the perfect situation to succeed with the Miami Heat. We take a look at why his impact will be felt the minute he takes to the hardwood.

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The last few days have been an emotional roller-coaster for Heat faithful.

From the feeling of elation spawned by the acquisition of Goran Dragic to Saturday's horrifying news concerning the hospitalization of superstar Chris Bosh many consider this season cursed, and I'd have to agree. Injuries have hit the Heat like a devastating combination from a prime Mike Tyson, and as a result there's not too much to celebrate.

However with all the bad being addressed, the acquisition of Goran Dragic (someone the Heat will look to resign following this season) is phenomenal. Though he's yet to be an All-Star, the Steve Nash-mentored former Phoenix Sun is electrifying and will be able to aid Miami immediately.

Dragic is extremely efficient:

Like Dwyane Wade, Dragic is able to pick and choose high percentage shots. Dragic doesn't hesitate when an open look comes his way, and his ability to create off the pick and roll is underrated. Dragic's off the ball movement is also spectacular as he comes off screens with an ease similar to JJ Redick. Everything in his arsenal was well represented last March against the Pelicans where he posted his career high of 40 points.

He's an extremely prolific scorer:

The Dragon is fearless and a phenomenal scorer. I've been a fan of his for a very long time and am constantly surprised at the ease he manages to get to hoop and finish. Not only that, but he can also hit the three ball with relative ease. This season, Dragic is shooting 35% from beyond the arc, and that's only going to go up with the freedom he has in Miami.

With that being said, it's a huge improvement over Norris Cole's 25%. Dragic clearly understands how to exploit a defense, and generally does it by scoring in bunches. This was made evident in his eight straight points in under a minute against Los Angeles in the 2010 Western Conference Finals.

He's in the perfect situation to succeed:

Last season Goran Dragic shared the ball with powerhouse guard Eric Bledsoe. Though they were able to co-exist and in turn create a successful back-court, Dragic really found his rhythm when Bledsoe befell an injury to his meniscus in the middle of the season. Without Bledsoe, Dragic was able to average 22.1 points, and 6.8 assists on 52.3% shooting on a nightly basis.

His stat-line fell when Bledsoe returned, averaging just 18.5 points, and 5 assists on 48% shooting. With the addition of Isaiah Thomas this season, Dragic's numbers fell once again (16.4 points, and 4 assists). No wonder he felt frustration.

With that being said, in Miami he has the perfect opportunity to run the offense to his liking and put up career highs. People often forget that Dragic could very well have been considered one of the top six guards in the league last season, because he's fallen off slightly.

That should change as he puts on his Heat uniform. This will also be interesting for Heat fans as we haven't really had a true point guard in my opinion, since Jason Williams. I'm very excited to see how he'll thrive with Miami, and hopefully we won't have to wait too long.