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How's the Playoff Race shaping up right now?

How did your team do this week? Read here

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First the East

Eastern Conference
Seed Team Record Games Back
1 Atlanta 43-12 None
2 Toronto 37-18 6
3 Chicago 35-21 8.5
4 Cleveland 35-22 9
5 Washington 33-22 10
6 Milwaukee 31-23 11.5
7 Miami 23-31 19.5
8 Brooklyn 22-31 20

Atlanta Hawks

Four All-Stars being at the game and no trade at the deadline should tell you that Atlanta is completely fine. A win over Milwaukee is nice too. This week they host the Mavs, play on the road against the Heat and Magic. In other words 3-0

Toronto Raptors

Only three games separate the Raptors from the Cavs in the standings. So by weeks end theres  a possiblity Toronto can go from #2 to #4. After recieving a beat down from the Rockets, they will travel and play a Davis less Hornets, a freshly added Amare Mavericks and then host the Warriors. Now you see why #4 seed is very reachable.

Chicago Bulls

A very good February so far winning 4/6 games and opponents with worse records to finish out the month. Only 2.5 games behind the Raptors, you may be looking at your new #2 seed by March 1st.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs are clearly having a lot of fun, as they should. One can have fun when going 8-2 in February so far. They also became the latest team to do what everyone else in the NBA does...beat the Knicks. A win which was capitalized with JR Smith and Lebron Celebrating JR Smith. Oh and lastly just for kicks, Kendrick Perkins is coming to join the fun too.

Washington Wizards

No political pun intended but Washing is falling apart. Three losses in a row now and oh the Warriors are coming into town next. They went 10 year's younger by exchanging Andre Miller for Ramon Sessions, who also happens to be last among PG's in player efficiency. If these Wizards keep losing, the only highlight John Wall will be known for is saying how he can't be faithful to a girl if he was in a relationship with one right now ->

Milwaukee Bucks

Brandon Knight was having an All-Star like season this year and was even speficially requested by Dwyane Wade to replace him. So it made no sense that the Bucks surprisingly traded him. One of the hotter teams and surprises of the league clearly didn't believe in Knight in enough so they went after Micheal Carter Williams to replace him instead. Will such a drastic change affect the record? They've already lost to Atlanta, and Chicago is next.

Miami Heat

One of the 2 biggest winners from the tradeline got the Dragic brothers but then lost Chris Bosh for the season. On paper they had one of the best lineups and could become a contender again..on paper of course. My story on the paper champions -> click here to read

Brooklyn Nets

One of the biggest losers from the trade deadline. Brook Lopez was set to go to the Thunder yet didn't. Joe Johnson and Deron Williams were up for grabs but they also are still in Brooklyn. Must of been a little awkward coming in to work the next day knowing "hey you're important here but not enough."  How did they do on the court? They lost three in a row before finally beating the Lakers. Then again..everyone beats the Lakers.

Time for the West

Western Conference
Seeds Team Record Games Back
1 Golden State 43-9
2 Memphis 39-14 4.5
3 Houston 37-18 7.5
4 Portland 36-18 8
5 LA Clippers 37-19 8
6 Dallas 37-20 8.5
7 San Antonio 34-21 10.5
8 Oklahoma City 30-25 14.5

Golden State Warriors

The measuring stick game was against the Spurs and they beat them, but then Curry got injured and the Warriors lost to the hopeless Pacers. When Curry is out, Golden State might as well forfeit because that is how important Chef Curry is to both sides of the floor. His backup is Shaun Livingston. That should tell you all that you need to know about the Warriors chances of winning. He says he'll be fine but that ankle is certainly something to watch..along with this.

Memphis Grizzlies

What is there to say about the Grizzlies? They're freakin great and every man is scared of Zach Randolph to this day.

Houston Rockets

Have you seen the Chinese New Year Jerseys? Great move by the Rockets even though I kind of wanted Jeremy Lin wearing one of those jerseys.

James Hardens MVP season continues while Dwight Howard continues to not be around. How much would have Goran Dragic helped? A lot but not enough to take them over the top. Four game home stretch coming up with the Cavs starting off in March.

Portland Trail Blazers

Nice win by getting Arron Afflalo on the team. He gives the bench a spark and with Wesley Mathews needing a salary raise this off season, you may see Afflalo as a soon to be starter along with Damian Lillard. The Blazers finish out February with an important three games. Home against Memphis, San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

LA Clippers

When it was announced that Blake Griffin would require elbow surgery that would have him out four-six weeks, you'd think the Clippers would tank. I did too. Instead they've won the past four games by an average of 15 points and their leaders  have also played better, rangin from Deandre Jordan and Chris Paul to Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers. The schedule offers no releif either. Eight out of the next 10 opponents are all playoff bound.

Dallas Mavericks

With Chandler Parsons being out for the next 2 games, Richard Jefferson has to step up. The Mavs also got additional help with signing Amare Stoudemire, who had 14 point in his debut at home against the Charlotte Bobcats. Measuring stick game coming up this week when they travel to Atlanta.

San Antonio Spurs

I'm sure the Spurs certainly wish they played the Warriors without Steph Curry so that beating wouldn't happen. It's ok though guys, three out of your next five opponents are all non playoff teams. You can do to them what Chef Curry did to you.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Just when the season started getting better, Kevin Durant will be out for a few more weeks after facing discomfort in his foot that's been bothering him all season long. Now I know it may sound ridiculous  to have Durant sit out the rest of the season but the bigger picture should be next season because this team isn't going to the Finals this year. Then again clearly this year is still the goal, trading for Ernes Kanter and Dj Augustine being upgrades over Kendrick Perkins and an answer to Reggie Jackson. Still without Durant, you're not getting out the first round and with'll go 6 games in the first round instead.

The LA Lakers

Kobe announced he's retiring after next season. He says he wants to experience a Laker rebirth before he's gone but I don't think he realizes that rebirth has to happen when he's actually gone. With that being said, I will certainly miss his will to win. Greatest next to MJ of course.

That's it for this week. Remember guys. If you're going to get drunk...avoid interviews.