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This week in Heat basketball

The Heat have a busy week playing four games. Here's our short take on what's to come with some FanDuel advice.

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There's a busy week ahead for the Miami Heat as they look to incorporate Goran Dragic into the offense. They've got four games this week as they look to hold serve as a playoff team. We take a look at each matchup and make some observations.

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Here's your week in Heat basketball!

Philadelphia @ Miami

DETAILS: Monday, 7:30 PM EST

The Heat will host the Sixers after both teams made big trades last week. Miami will look to get even after the Sixers grabbed a win in Miami two days before Christmas. The Sixers are coming off a loss in Orlando the night before while Miami is also coming off a home loss to the Pelicans on Saturday.

Look for this to be a battle between the big men -- Hassan Whiteside and Nerlens Noel. Philly doesn't have much else, and the Heat should be able to get a win here. It may just be how comfortable does Goran Dragic really feel yet.

FanDuel Advice: This has to be a game that Dwyane Wade dominates in and I am looking for big numbers from him. Don't be surprised to massive numbers from Whiteside, he still seems to be a value player if he isn't in foul trouble.

Miami @ Orlando

DETAILS: Wednesday, 7:00 PM EST

The Magic get Monday and Tuesday off at home before hosting the Heat across the state. Orlando has struggled this season, but they aren't that far behind the Heat when you look at it. Orlando is one of the worst rebounding teams in the league, like the Heat, however Nikola Vucevic always seems to enjoy playing the Heat.

That may be the keep matchup as Vucevic will be going against Whiteside, but this is also a game where Dragic can make a big difference. If he can push the pace and take advantage of Orlando's rookie point guard Elfrid Payton, he could help set the Heat in the right direction.

FanDuel Advice: This is likely to be a low scoring game as both teams rank in the bottom five in offensive production so I wouldn't take too many players from this one in particular. However, Vucevic could be a strong option just due to the sheer lack of depth in the Heat front court.

Miami @ New Orleans

DETAILS: Friday, 8:00 PM EST

Here we go again. The Pelicans and Heat play again a week later, however the Pelicans may be without Anthony Davis. Davis injured his shoulder in Miami last weekend and supposed to be out 1-2 weeks. This may help Miami, but it didn't seem to last time. The Heat will get one more look at Norris Cole in that Pelicans jersey before moving on with the season.

Eric Gordon was the one who scorched the Heat last time, and this will be the key matchup between him and Dwyane Wade. Miami will have to play a strong team game to come out on top in New Orleans, but if the Pelicans are without Davis, they can do it.

FanDuel Advice: Chalmers played well last time, but I would be putting my dollars on Dragic for this one, this time. Pelicans struggled against fast guards especially without Jrue Holiday. Dragic could play very well here.

Atlanta @ Miami

DETAILS: Saturday, 7:30 PM EST

Tough back-to-back for the Heat against the top team in the East. Atlanta ranks near the top in everything but rebounding. The Heat will have their hands full in this game. The Hawks had four All-Stars this year and are the type of offensive team the Heat struggle with to defend.

The key watch will be if Miami can rotate effectively against the Hawks. They move the ball so well, sometimes it doesn't matter that Miami will have Whiteside protecting the rim. They are just as happy getting an open look for Kyle Korver or Jeff Teague. The Hawks interior presence of Al Horford and Paul Millsap are sneaky and the Heat will have to be on their toes.

FanDuel Advice: Don't play anyone from the Heat. I don't trust this game won't be out of hand. Paul Millsap might be your best bet. The Hawks are likely to eat the Heat up from all angles, Paul has the best matchup.


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