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Heat visit Orlando Magic after nice outings from Dragic, Walker

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Vucevic has had a history of dominating Miami, but now he'll have to face Hassan Whiteside.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat will look to build on Monday night's win over the Philadelphia 76ers that included promising showings from newcomers Goran Dragic and Henry Walker. Miami will visit the 19-39 Orlando Magic, a team that sits just above Philadelphia in the Eastern Conference standings, Wednesday at 7.

Orlando is on a three-game winning streak, though. Nikola Vucevic has dominated Miami in the past -- in Orlando's 102-101 win over the Heat Dec. 29, Vucevic made 12 of his 17 field goal attempts and finished with 26 points and nine boards. When Miami defeated Orlando 99-92 in November, Vucevic racked up 33 points and 17 boards -- 11 of which came on the offensive end of the floor. He made 11 trips to the foul line that night.

Now, Hassan Whiteside had not established himself as Miami's starting center during either of the Heat's games against Orlando this year. Like Vucevic, Whiteside has a massive body, long arms and can gobble up rebounds. It'll be interesting to see both of these young centers battle each other, and Whiteside has to keep Vucevic off the glass and avoid committing unnecessary fouls.

Monday night's game featured a more up-tempo Heat offense, and Dragic finished with 23 points and 10 assists on the night. But Philadelphia is a run-and-gun team, while Orlando is ranked 15th in pace this year. Will Dragic continue to push the ball up court against a more middle-of-the-pack team? Will Henry Walker emerge as a reliable contributor off the bench? We'll find some answers Wednesday night.