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From Bosh to Blatche

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The Miami Heat need to sign Andray Blatche already.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to sign Andray Blatche. After spending a season in China, Blatche is now free to join whomever.

Now without Chris Bosh, the Miami Heat could use an athlete like Blatche. Why?

1) Band Aid

You won't get Chris Bosh's production till the man himself comes back. Pat Riley found gold in Hassan Whiteside but there aren't any 6-11 two way players who can play multiple positions just laying around to take. Even though Miami most likely won't make the NBA Finals for the 5th year in a row, the playoffs are hard to miss in the East. Even in this dreadful season, the team is 7th and could use Blatche's production. During his last NBA season (2013-2014) Blatche averaged 11.2 points and 5.3 rebounds in 73 games in Brooklyn.

2) Better Than:

Look at the power rotation now. Udonis Haslem currently starts and while he is the heart and soul of this team, he's a a better fit off the bench. Statistically he was the weakest link on the floor the other night vs Philadelphia and that isn't his fault. He is just at the point in his career where he can provide a spark when playing 10-15 minutes and not 22 like the other night.

Outside of Haslem, you have Chris Andersen, who like Haslem can only give you bursts of energy (while flapping his arms and menacingly staring into your eyes.) The only other big body is Hassan Whiteside.

Blatche being on the floor may benefit Whiteside because Blatche has a jump shot that can draw players away from Whiteside, which then in turn gives him more opportunities to capitalize on both ends of the floor. Due to only three big men available now, you see Luol Deng often playing out of his position at Bosh's power spot. While Deng is athletic enough to play the four, he lacks the power in the word power forward.

3) Beyond

Blatche is offensively gifted. He can drive down low, create a shot off the dribble off and he has a mid-range shot. It's like he's a poor man's Bosh if you don't think about it too hard.

Who's to say Blatche can't have a future in Miami? Sure he has had locker room issues and other troubles but it's no secret that Riley loves taking reclamation projects and making them great again. Josh McRoberts and Chris Bosh were the two players that were supposed to reinvent this Heat offense. If Blatche is successful in a 30-game-plus playoff stint in a Heat uni, he could become part of a balanced frontcourt attack for Miami next year. One where Bosh and McRoberts, like Joakim Noah become become power passers, while Whiteside & Blatche become the brute force of the lineup. All this happening while Bird and UD stare into your soul from the bench.

4) Blatche > Beasley

Do I really need to explain #4? Time to get Blatche.