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From Bosh to Beasley

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Third time's the charm?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here I was thinking Andray Blatche would be the answer. Instead the Miami Heat chose to go with a familiar route. A third chance for it's second overall draft pick over the span of ten days to prove something. Unlike any other season, this season's roster has had one reclamation project after the next. Early injuries to Dwyane Wade and season ending injuries to Chris Bosh and Josh McRoberts opened the door for Tyler Johnson, Hassan Whiteside, Henry Walker and now Micheal Beasley.

The shoes Beasley has to fill isn't small either. Miami is going from Chris Bosh, a 6-11 All Star who can play multiple Beasley. Now he can't be Bosh but he can certainly create his own shot and space defenses with his mid range. Yes he has had an incredible season in China, averaging 27.1 points a game, 10.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists but how much stock do you take in that league knowing it isn't known for playing defense? Beasley could be greatest of all time in China but his NBA life will always be compared to the rest of his class. That class was the 2008 draft. Haunting for Miami because it selected Beasley over players like Serge Ibaka, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love. Only Beasley can change that nightmare.

Then there is the off-court and on court issues. Even though Miami is known for taking players with troubled pasts and maturing them on and off court, it seemed as if every time Beasley was off the court, he'd get in trouble. This time around Beasley may have pleaded to Pat Riley to give him another chance. Sure, last year he didn't get into any trouble but the reason why he was never in the rotation was because the coaching staff didn't trust him enough to play him. As much as an offensive gift he is, he is also a defensive liability. This time around will things be different?

Another benefit that he has this time is the familiarity of the team. In college he played with Bill Walker..who you now know as Henry Walker. In the pro's he's played with Dwyane Wade Mario Chalmers and even had a short stint with Goran Dragic. So will playing with familiar faces equal familiar results?

I want Micheal Beasley to succeed as much as you. He can be an asset to this team and he has the platform to become great. If Beasley is able to turn it around, it would fit the Miami Heat identity this season. One where a team and it's players refuse to be written off.

Many doubted their would even be a second chance and now Mike gets a third. Maybe undeserved and likely from a desperate need of offense. Regardless of the reason, it's time for Beasley to prove himself to be valuable enough not to be waived without hesitation.Time to go from Bosh to Beasley.