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HHH Preview: Heat face NBA Finals opponent Spurs

Getting you ready for Miami at San Antonio tonight!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

When the Miami Heat were scheduled to play the San Antonio Spurs this year, it wasn't supposed to be like this. It was set to be an epic match up where a champion would play the defending champs and the game would be one of the most entertaining this year.

Instead, one team is a lower seed in the West and the other might not even make the the East!


Miami at San Antonio

AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas

9:30pm on ESPN, Sun Sports, Kens


After going 8-10 in December, The Spurs rebounded and went 10-4 in January. The Heat on the other hand have yet to find its identity this season due to the lack of health on the roster, as Miami as yet to play with a completely healthy squad.

This will be the first matchup since the 2014 NBA Finals, where the Spurs dismantled Miami in five games. The Spurs are 8-2 in the past 10 games and boast a 19-7 record at home. The Heat on the other hand are .500 on the road this season (13-13) after a pair of tough losses to the Detroit Pistons and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

What to watch for:

How will Hassan Whiteside handle the Hall of Famer Tim Duncan tonight? Whiteside has said one athlete he wants to be is the next David Robinson, so what better way to play against his former frontcourt mate? In the past five games Whiteside has averaged 17.4 points and 15.8 rebounds, but the Miami has lost four out of those five games.

How will Norris Cole play tonight? What Cole did the other night at the end of the game versus Minnesota was inexcusable so will he further regress tonight against Tony Parker? How will Cole and the entire backcourt defend the attacking Parker and the 3-point happy Danny Green?

Probable Starters
Norris Cole PG Tony Parker
Mario Chalmers SG Danny Green
Luol Deng SF Kawhi Leonard
Chris Bosh PF Matt Bonner
Hassan Whiteside C Tim Duncan

Miami at San Antonio won't be exciting as many were hoping for. You have one team set to make second half run while Miami struggles every second half of every game.

The Brooklyn Nets host the NY Knicks tonight, so if Miami doesn't win, it will not only go eight games under .500, but could also end up out of the playoffs. Heat at Spurs tonight!