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Fans at Udonis Haslem signing get a big surprise

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Udonis Haslem made an appearance at The Edition Sneaker Boutique and the co-captain himself popped in.

The Edition Sneaker Boutique on Instagram

Miami Heat fans from all over the city came to The Edition Sneaker Boutique in Kendall on Saturday at 2pm to see the Homegrown Heat co-captain, Udonis Haslem.  The appearance was announced weeks ago and was then reconfirmed Saturday morning following Haslem's Friday night wrist injury.

A Miami native and hometown hero, Haslem drew a huge crowd that lined their way down the shopping center and around the corner right around 2pm. The parking lot was full, but fans parked their cars on any available grassy patch and came streaming in to get autographs and take pictures. The love for Haslem was overflowing.

Then, Miami Heat fans (and Haslem himself) got a big surprise.  Dwyane Wade stopped by to support his co-captain's event and he really surprised Heat Nation fans whether they were there or not.  It was a quick visit but those who met the Heat stars were delighted beyond words.  On social media, those who hadn't made it, or couldn't, were extremely disappointed after hearing about Wade's pop-in.

For Haslem and Wade to be at a local store in regular old Kendall, that was something that doesn't happen often.

Heat fans are wise to keep their eyes on The Edition Sneaker Boutique. This Kendall sneaker shop opened about 6 months ago.  It features huge photos of Heat players on the walls and the freshest apparel out there.  The Edition is one of few places that carry Way of Wades, PSD men's underwear (see: Birdman and Haslem) and Lyfe Brand apparel.

Lyfe Brand puts out collaborative t-shirts with lots of Heat players and Haslem was signing his collab tshirt at today's event. The shirt shows his number 40 and the word "Homegrown" commemorating Haslem's Miami upbringing, his college career at University of Florida and 3 NBA Championship rings from Miami.

In December, James Ennis had his Lyfe Brand collab shirt signing at The Edition. Both events featured a cake from Divine Delicacies, the (un)official bakery of the Miami HEAT.

(Photo Credit: The Edition Sneaker Boutique and Lyfe Brand on Instagram)