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This week in Heat basketball

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Miami only has two games this week before they break for the NBA All-Star weekend. Here we take a look at them and tackle some FanDuel advice.

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The Heat are coming off a disappointing ending to a 4-game road trip that saw them drop three in a row. Now, this week they will have to host a long-time rival, and visit one of the hottest teams in the league.

Here's the week in Miami Heat basketball.


New York @ Miami

DETAILS: Monday, 7:30 PM EST

The Knicks are having a terrible season, but anytime they visit Miami, a fanbase comes out to cheer for them. Lots of people from New York like the weather here in Miami, and so lots of Knicks fans show up to these games. Will they still come with New York at the bottom of the league?

Miami isn't doing too hot either, but hopefully coming home can help spur them to play better, though it hasn't this season. Carmelo Anthony and Luol Deng will be the key matchup in this game. We aren't expecting Wade to play, but if he did that would really help. This is a game that the Heat really need to get a win. They can't afford losses like this.

FanDuel Advice: I could very easily see Carmelo having a great night for the Knicks. I wouldn't be shy in playing him. Melo sat out the last game due to rest so make sure he is actually going to play. Also, if Whiteside plays (questionable) he will be a good buy.

Miami @ Cleveland

DETAILS: Wednesday, 8:00 PM EST (ESPN)

The Heat got the best of the Cavs on their first meeting on Christmas Day, but now the Cavs are playing the best ball in the league. The Heat will go from worst to best in a few days. Cleveland has won 13 of their last 14 games. This will be the first time Miami has visited Cleveland since LeBron's departure from Miami. ESPN will have the coverage.

Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving have been playing great and will be a handful. This will be the Heat's last game before the All-Star break, so they should go all out. The Cavs will play Chicago the next night. If the Heat are without Wade, it's going to be hard. But hey, they beat them on Christmas without Chris Bosh.

FanDuel Advice: I like Kevin Love here, I think he is playing really well. I like a lot of players in this game actually (Irving and LeBron could both be good). I think Whiteside might not be a good pick, I can see foul problems limiting him with what Irving, James, Love and even Mozgov can sucker him into. Be careful.

NBA All-Star Weekend

Chris Bosh will participate in the Shooting Stars Challenge on All-Star Saturday Night. Make sure you tune in to see him defend his title. Then on Sunday night, Bosh will be in the main event, the All-Star game. Dwyane Wade might be joining him if he is healthy. We will just have to wait and see. The Heat will be off until the following Thursday.


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